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Wolfie - Aesthetically Curated Kids Fashion

I have partnered up with Wolfie Kids and I am beyond excited. Their products are neutral, diverse and stylish. The effortlessly elegant shapes and contemporary prints are inclusive and their materials are gentle and ethical. What more could you ask for!

We understand the importance of sustainability and hope to make Wolfie Kids an even kinder brand in the future. Within the next two years, we will be allocating a greater budget for more sustainable sources of fabrics, purely work with organic and recycled fabrics and cut out any percentage of polyester from our designs. We also endeavour to expand our team to collaborate and support independent artists with new Wolfie designs you will love. We look forward to welcoming you to the Wolfie family and growing with your little ones over the years.
Wolfie Kids is built on a foundation of environmental consciousness with our core belief that all fashion businesses have an important role in designing the best version of the future.
At Wolfie Kids, we are trying to create a positive change through our brand for those who want to live an authentic life and raise as much awareness as we can in the process.
From our eco-friendly cotton shipping bags that you can use long after unwrapping your new pieces, to our Carbon Click partnership and offering green shipping methods, we are looking to reduce as much pollution as possible from our supply chain. Wolfie Kids is a proud plastic and paper-free office, having cut out as much plastic as much as possible, and striving to keep up to date with the most sustainable methods.

If you would like to purchase a beautiful piece of clothing, use my coupon code MORETHANJUSTAMOTHER20

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