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Wine, Woman and Wellbeing ♡

I have been on this journey of self identification and have been pushing myself to try new experiences and meet new people which can be hard as a mom because we already have so much on the go.

I created my Instagram @more.thanjustamother and through social media I met Brianne of The Knotted B. One day she posted an event to her story titled Wine, Woman and Well-Being. This instantly sparked my curiosity so I spent some time looking into the brand and what it represents.

I was intrigued by the passion, dedication and overall environment that was portrayed on their Instagram account. I hovered my finger over the "buy tickets now" button for way too long. What was standing in my way of going? Don't I want to go?

Of course I wanted to go, who wouldn't!

But there was this negative self-talk that creeped up and filled my head with "You have no one to go with", "You will look inadequate going alone and what are you going to talk about? Your blog is new, you're on maternity leave and don't have anything to show for yourself. No one cares".

I am so appreciative to Manny for pushing me to go, even if I did go alone, because once I got there the feeling of loneliness evaporated instantly. I was greeted by Jennifer Edwardson, Branch Director for Wine, Women and Well-Being Victoria. She shared a warm, welcoming smile and made me feel important. She was bubbly, energetic and a complete breath of fresh air to someone like myself who was so nervous and anxious. She handed me my gift bag and struck up a conversation about who I am and what I do.

I remember thinking in my head "Do I mention I just started a blog? I don't think I should talk about it because it's so new and I am an amateur compared to all these successful women". I decided to reveal that I just started my first blog and I am learning to tap into my creative side while on maternity leave. Let me tell you, her reaction and expressions made me feel like I was some famous person. I felt like she was my real life cheerleader and gosh did that feel good. She genuinely wanted to hear what I had to say and showed sincere interest in my aspirations.

I thanked her for her kindness and I sauntered over to the vendor's tables and made meaningful connections with the women who displayed their creative hair accessories, jewelry and beauty products. I sparked conversations with the women next to me and even now, a month later, we still empower each other through our social media platforms and stay in contact.

I left the event enriched in female empowerment, inspired by the strength and courage these women, and myself, have and once I got inside my car I knew that I was on the right path to awakening my own aspirations and dreams knowing I had the support from all these authentic, compassionate women.

I reached out to Jennifer and asked if she would be interested in sitting down with me to talk about Wine, Woman and Well-Being, the Victoria Branch, and to also learn more about who she is and how she found her passions outside the scope of motherhood. She didn't hesitate and graciously accepted my request because that's the kind of person she is, dedicated to enriching, supporting and encouraging women.

What is Wine, Woman and Well-Being?

Wine seems to bring people together and what better way to create a bond with other women than sharing a new experience (if wine isn’t your thing, that’s totally fine, too!). Each month across Canada, we offer networking events and workshops that create community, friendships, and business-building opportunities. Our aim is to create a space where women can meet regularly to inspire, encourage, and appreciate each other.
Feeling supported and connected is our number one goal. We’re creating a environment for women to bond, grow, and form meaningful relationships. Our events support local women in business by featuring a monthly door prize that gives local entrepreneurs and business owners a chance to highlight their brand.

Photo taken by Jennifer Edwardson, middle right

Having this conversation with Jennifer really opened my eyes to the fact that so many women grapple with the same daunting wants and desires I have but do not know who to talk to or how to get involved because there is a lack of supporting, welcoming options for women to explore themselves in a safe, open and inclusive environment, or doubt themselves because as women we grow up to fit into societies regimented structure of how we can best serve everyone else.

I want more from my 9-5 pre-programed life. I want to break away from the societal expectations of what I am required to do in order to fit into this world as a woman. We are molded at such a young age to grow up to become wives and then mothers who raise children and men and do not spend the time to love ourselves and explore our passions and what makes us happy.

Photo taken by Jennifer Edwardson

Wine, Woman and Well-Being sets the stage for you to reach inside yourself and extend your creative, artistic, smart, funny, ambitious and confident hand to your inner child and pull out that part of you that has been restricted for so long. It allows you to make meaningful conversation with women of all ages, diversity, ethnicity and career paths.

Photo taken by Jennifer Edwardson, left

If you would like to attend a Wine, Woman and Well-Being event, you can go to their website below to get more information about an event in a city near you, and if you live on Southern Vancouver Island, you can find out when the WWWB Victoria Branch is hosting their next event by checking out their Instagram page (@winewomenwellbeing.victoria) … but really, what more information do you need? Don't be like me and second guess yourself, just go for it!)


You can also watch our full conversation which includes further information about Jennifer, womanhood and motherhood below or click to listen on Spotify

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