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The Mom Market Collective Inc.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Jessica Marely is a full time law clerk, momma to two girls and market guru. To say she is ambitious, selfless and a freaking multitasking superstar, is an understatement. When Jessica is not working her 6-2pm legal admin job, you can find her empowering local artists and entrepreneurs to display their passions and talents through The Mom Market Collective Inc.

Jessica and her family moved to Vancouver Island in 2020 from Ontario to explore all the amazing things that the island has to offer. After settling in, Jessica wanted to focus on making connections and getting to know her new neighbors here on the Island so she began attending local farmers markets around town.

When Jessica attended a market with the goal of creating new relationships within the “new to her” community, she found beautiful artisan creations, organic and homegrown produce as well as locally made apparel but she instantly knew right then and there, how she would connect deeper within the community and extend her hand to vendors whose products didn't fall under the specific categories required to be displayed.

What is The Mom Market Collective Inc.?

The Mom Market was founded in 2019 and was started as an outlet to allow those in the Small Shop community to grow and promote their Small Businesses. Over the years the Collective has grown to support Small Businesses of all kinds and is proud to be able to bring The Mom Market experience to many provinces.

When you arrive at a Mom Market you are not just taking a walk through a park to admire local talent, you are literally being entertained from start to end with so many different elements at play.

You can pack a picnic and enjoy live music, look at the beautifully decorated vendor tables and take a walk through the surrounding parks and trails. The Mom Market is an experience and whether you are there to shop, eat or just relax and enjoy your surroundings, you will find the atmosphere very welcoming.

Whether it’s a live band, cute farm animals or delicious ice cream, you are there for an incredible experience and did I mention that the Mom Market is free to attend? Jessica and The Mom Market have truly created a place for families and individuals to make memories and support local small businesses, while experiencing an uplifting environment, all for free.

The Mom Market is not just for moms! The market is all inclusive and welcomes anyone to apply to be a vendor.

Whether you sell local, organic potatoes or hand made hats for dogs, the Mom Market Vancouver Island welcomes all the different kinds of merchandise you have to offer. Opening up the opportunity to showcase all different forms of apparel, products, produce and gadgets allows the community to showcase their products that might otherwise not fall under the specific categories of other local markets. Having this broad option for local entrepreneurs is such an incredible option for the community to come together and support each other and to also see more options and exciting new products.

So how does Jessica balance motherhood, a career and running The Mom Market Vancouver


Organization is a key factor when it comes to arranging her priorities and she also has the help

and support of her husband, her daughters and her friends. Jessica will continue to find a way to

do it all because for her, this is not a job, rather, it is her passion and when you are passionate

about so many different aspects of your life, you find the time and the drive to make it work.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming Mom Market, please click here to learn more. You can also follow Jessica on

You can also watch our full conversation below or listen on Spotify!

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