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The Knotted B

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Breanne, owner of The Knotted B Hair Accessories, recently at a local woman's event and I cannot express enough just how wonderful she is.

Breanne isn't only a entrepreneur but she is also a mother and prior to being a hair accessory mastermind, she was an accountant.

While on Maternity Leave, Breanne explored her love of crafting and her passion for creativity and started her Knotted B journey all while raising her daughter.

Total supermom!

Inspired by 1950’s trends, and a need to cover my post partum baby hairs (Mamas you know), I set out to add my own spin on the classic knotted headband. Channeling my inner Gossip Girl’s, Blair Waldorf, and fueled by Coffee, I searched for chic and unique fabrics from both domestic and international designers. These headbands are carefully handcrafted on Vancouver Island, down to the color of the thread used to make them. They add a fun touch to any outfit and can be worn casually with a solid tee, or dressed up with your favorite girls night out ensemble. So break out your knotted headband and express yourself-believe me you’ll love it!

Breanne not only creates scrunchies that are ADORABLE but she also makes knotted headbands and claw clips.

Her products are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and stylish, to say the least.

I am now the proud new owner of the Pumpkin Spice Linen knotted headband and I love it so much and so does Priya!

Why do I love it so much, you might ask? Because this headband can literally transform my whole look... even with my greasy, limp, postpartum hair! If you know, you know.

I am almost 11 months post partum and I am still loosing a ton of hair, especially around the top of my head. Front and center for everyone to see! Breanne's knotted headband provides coverage to my hair loss section and makes me feel more confident, who doesn't want that?

What inspires me most, besides the gorgeous hair accessories, is how Breanne's love for sewing and her passion towards her company shines through her work. Being a mom is already a full time job of caring for a little human(s) and putting everyone else's needs above your own, and yet Breanne accomplished such a beautiful, creative venture and turned it into not only a passion but a fulfilling career.

Breanne, you are inspirational and a total superstar. I can't wait to see where your passion takes you.

If you are interested in learning more about The Knotted B, click the link below to get your hands on some lovely hair pieces.

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