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Happy Mya Handmade

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

As the fall season is upon us I just had to order my daughter, Priya, a beautiful toque from Debbie, a local mother, knitter and master of all things wool.

I cannot express enough how beautiful this toque is. You can really see how much love and dedication is poured into her passion of knitting.

With the changing of the seasons, I cannot wait to stock up on these gorgeous beanies!

Happy Mya Handmade offers hand knitted toques for all ages and strives to promote sustainable materials by offering ethically sourced wool options for their toques and 100% organic cotton for their onesies. For a more affordable option they also offer toques made with acrylic wool blends.

Happy Mya also strives to support local and small businesses by sourcing many of its materials from other makers.

As you can see, Priya loves her new beanie! Thank you, Debbie.

Trust me, you're going to want to get your hand's on one of these amazing beanies as the weather begins to get colder. Happy Mya Handmade just released Halloween themed beanies just in time! Visit her site below to explore her many wonderful creations and add a little wool to your collection!

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